Makers Paradise

Makers Paradise is a coworking space for makers of all trades, providing in one place everything they need to craft their ideas, in a crazy funny living lab environment where curiosity and newness kick out “boring”.

Big Hairy Audacious Goal

I'm a dreamer… and feel like I'm the only one 😕 Please prove me wrong!

The paradise for all makers (DIYers, hackers and the like). The ultimate coworking space bringing in one place all types of shared spaces to work, meet, socialize, collaborate, exchange ideas, and share knowledge.

A place having ultra-modern facilities (on all aspects such as building, infrastructure, design, equipment) and vibrating at a high level of consciousness (cf. Love, Joy, oneness, mindfulness, respect… and therefore environment friendliness, sustainability, social inclusion).

A place where workshops are fully equipped with the best and latest tools and machines. They also have the most common materials available right where you need them. These workshops are interconnected and easily accessible from each other. There are also quieter spaces for office work and meetings.

A place where everything is designed and organized to encourage socialization and collaboration; between coworkers but also with visitors. The café welcomes visitors coming simply by curiosity or to meet like-minded people. Conferences, meetups, training courses and other events are regularly organized to share knowledge and learn, or just to have fun.

A place that is a kinder playground for adults “un poco loco in their head”. Its philosophy promotes curiosity, creativity, newness, innovation, make things differently, etc. It encourages you to not take things too seriously, to approach things with playfulness and humor… even with some craziness. Boring is proscribed, forbid as harmful! [That does mean without being serious, responsible and respectful.]

The objective is to experience Joy while doing things you truly Love.

A place where typical members are multipotential/interdisciplinary people overflowing with imagination. They are passionate and love excellence—doing things the way they must be done, striving for perfection. They share the same desire to brainstorm, design, prototype, and build. They are keen to collaborate, help, teach and learn. They work on interesting unusual projects that shake the status quo. [Interesting on a technical, scientific, intellectual, or passionate level. With "unusual" meaning innovative, offbeat, unrealistic, or even crazy or unnecessary.]

A place that is a living lab made by makers, for makers valuing openness and sharing. Most systems, furnitures and machines are made by our members; as collaborative projects for the space or as part of their business. In the former case, everything is released publicly and licensed as Open Source/Creative Commons.

Being a paradise, a place where people are more often than not spending the whole week, day and night, without leaving the place. To be adapted to that, maybe even to promote that, the place has all the necessary amenities to live there and everything is accessible 24/7. When you’re not working in your workshop, lab or office, you can drink and eat at the café, chill in the relax area, exercise in the gym, take a shower, and sleep in the dorm or in a private room.

OK, “place” is not the best word to describe this idea. “Village” would probably be a better term to describe it 😁

Makers Paradise is actually a network of such places all around the world. Members have access to the global network… ideal for nomads!
As humanity has not yet realized that the “money concept” (i.e. keeping accounts between us) is archaic/primitive, that it has become obsolete and that it is blocking our true evolution [see Eutopia for more about that]… Finances are shared worldwide, allowing to have Makers Paradises in all the locations where it makes sense, even in those that will never be financially profitable.

There are some other projects related to this… but first things first 😉

Impossible? I refuse that! How can we put that in motion, in the quest for that BHAG? 🤔 Maybe some of the side projects should actually start first… [more on that later]


My mind is often in brainstorming mode. Whenever I notice a problem or face something I don’t like, I immediately switch into a “reverse engineering and problem solving” mode. I love to understand how things work, to invent or improve and design things. I also like to share knowledge; as I like to learn from others.

Usually, everything happens only in my head due to lack of resources (materials, equipment, space); and as I was rejecting money, it didn’t help. I usually lack motivation because most of the time I don’t want to make a business out of these ideas, and/or it has no sense to make it only for me, and/or I don’t want to work alone on them.

I don’t really find the place where I would like to work… actually even live there! I would love to live in a lab where I could concretise my ideas 24/7, whenever I want and for as long as I want. And not being stuck because I don’t have the equipment or space required for the job; and to some extent also the material.

Spaces & Activities

What do we mean by “the ultimate coworking space bringing in one place all types of shared spaces”?

At Maker Paradise, people do activities such as design, research & development, craftsmanship, manufacturing, repairing, recycling. As well as socializing, learning and teaching.

These involve everything related to the work of matter: wood, metal, ceramic, textile… you name it. And are related to domains like digital fabrication, electronics, robotics, auto mechanics [see also Makers Garage], painting, agriculture.

Some activities require isolated specialized spaces like kitchen, farm (indoor & outdoor), scientific lab (chemistry, biology, physics), media studio (audio, video, and music production, virtual and augmented reality), office (open space and private rooms). Also meeting, conference, and training rooms.

It includes also social spaces like relax areas (games, nap, meditation…), garden/park, gym, accommodation (dorm and private rooms).

And commercial spaces like café, restaurant, shops (materials, components, tools, equipment…).

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