Makers Garage

A fully-equipped coworking space for makers playing with cars, motorbikes, bicycles…

The Concept

A kinder-playground for adults “un poco loco” in their head!

Makers Garage is above all a playground, a space for creative freedom, to have fun while working.

Concretely, it's a shared workspace fully equipped for makers passionate about interesting projects and preferably a little crazy too.

Interesting at a technical, scientific, intellectual or passionate level.
A little crazy, that is to say innovative, offbeat or unrealistic, even unnecessary.

Some examples of types of projects:

  • Cars and motorbikes (restoration, retrofit, electric conversion…)
  • Vans and trailers (camper van, food truck, tiny house…)
  • Karts, cuistax, bicycles, scooters, wheelchairs…
  • Robots, humanoids, drones, rockets…
  • Hoverboard (the real one!), flying saucers…

The Members

Makers Garage wants to be a community of people overflowing with imagination and sharing the desire to design and build, to materialize their slightly crazy ideas.

We are looking for members who are serious but not boring. Passionate people who are not afraid of their supposedly eccentric ideas but who, on the contrary, cultivate them, let them flourish, who live them intensely and devote themselves body and soul to them.

Examples of Members

Some good examples (without having to be at their level):

Examples of Projects

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