Eco CamperVan

The goal is to showcase what we can do when we all collaborate and focus on doing things as they must be done (based on our current knowledge and technologies), without imposing ourselves imaginary constraints (like money and deadlines).

The project is to create the best camper van we can based on an ”iconic too”* VW Bus (a Bay Window/T2b Westfalia from 1973).
* Yeah, the Split Window/T1 is more iconic but I still chose a T2.


  • State-of-the-art
  • Environment-friendly (full electric from solar)
  • Self-sustainable (as much as possible)
  • Education (documentation & courses)


  • Using cutting edge technologies
  • Designed as it must be
  • Stylish & minimalist-ish
  • Work of art, down the smallest detail
  • Open Source & Creative Commons


(website detailing everything in details)

  • Research (inspiration, materials, products, techniques…)
  • Knowledge (science, techniques, tools…)
  • Specifications (requirements, options, experiments, conclusion, 3D models)
  • Prototyping (3D scanning, 3D models, cardboard…)
  • Build (specifications + knowledge => work)
  • Showcase (tour, photos/videos, reviews)

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