About Me

Hi, my name is Pascal Polleunus.


🤔 Probably something like:

Contribute to healing and improving the world.


🤔 Question everything.
🤓 Think different.
❤️ Inspire change.

Current Interests

Current Projects

Well… concretely, none 😕

Too many ideas, becoming quickly too big, a lot of things to learn (which is great, it's why they are so interesting), alone… and absolutely no budget.
And most of the time, being an idealist excellentist loving R&D, those ideas require “play budgets” and are not easily profitable… not a good mix in the current system 🤷‍♂️

But… work in progress. 2022 is the year! 😁

Early Life

Born and raised in Brussels, Belgium… and still there, for now.

I spent many years working mainly as freelance web developer… or should I say “jack of all trades” 🤔

In 2017, I started real personal development work… which brought me chaos by unstabilizing my “stabilized instability” #DarkNightOfTheSoul 😂

In mid-2019, I decided to quit programming; at least as a job. I had enough of being constantly behind a computer alone in my head (well, am I really alone up there?! 🤪), without knowing what else to do to earn money… and I still don't really know. I feel like I want to “work in the physical material”… but I can't stop my brain from constantly analyzing, reverse engineering, brainstorming, inventing… 🤷‍♂️

Get In Touch

You can contact me at pascal@polleunus.be
I'm currently taking a break from social networks.

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